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Better insights for your business

Hakawati creates storyboards – dashboards that tell you business stories. Those tailored, well-designed solutions enable your decision makers to spot impactful insights based on your collected data.

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Time Saving

Saving time & costs

One of our core values is to ‘be lean’. We provide tools that cover all your needs and minimize your costs at the same time.

Valuable Insights

Better Insights

We only show information that is important and that helps you to spot interesting insights. By using storyboards, you will be able to spot those insights quicker and more frequently.

Fun Factor

Fun & Easy to use

For many users looking at dashboards feels like a chore. Our approach focuses on enhancing user experience by making storyboards fun and easy to use. Your decision makers will love the stories they are telling.

This is Hakawati


Standardized solution

No unnecessary and overpriced features.



You can access your storyboards from everywhere - safe and secure.


Focus on decision makers

We create tailored storyboards – by decision makers for decision makers.



We craft storyboards for consistent usage. Our storyboards last forever.


Design matters

Dashboards should be fun, not overwhelming. Every number, graph, and color matters.



Our key instrument to uncover important business insights and decisions.

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